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14 May 2019

CrossCountry Overcrowding Petition Launched

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CrossCountry Overcrowding Petition Launched

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An Archive of all other News Items posted on this site since 2013

CrossCountry Timetable Consultation

3 January 2017

CrossCountry Trains Must Do Better

(Press Release)

Class 230 Fire

4 January 2017

Class 230 Trial Must Continue

Wales Through Trains

1 January 2017

Through Trains to Wales Saved

Rail Devolution Hits The Buffers

8 February 2017

Rail Devolution Hits The Buffers

HS2 and Brexit

16 February 2017

HS2, Brexit and Newts

Great Train Lottery

12 July 2017

The Great Train Lottery

22 June 2018

A Single Brand for West Midlands Public Transport

WM Branding All Change

31 October 2017

All Change and

About Time Too

Abellio Franchise

13 November 2017

New West Midlands Franchise News

Best Laid Plans

19 October 2017

The Best Laid Plans

20 July 2017

Passengers “Short Changed” as Wiring Scrapped

Passengers Short Changed

19 April 2018

Are You Sitting Comfortably ?

Train Seat Comfort

1 February 2019

Joined Up Thinking at New Street

Joined Up Thinking XC Consultation

14 August 2018

Cross Country Train services must improve

(Press release)