CrossCountry Trains Must Do Better

The following is a press release issued by Campaign for Rail

RAIL CAMPAIGNERS have condemned a proposed recast of a train operator’s timetable which is planned to take effect in December 2017.  Campaign for Rail has described the plans of Birmingham based Cross Country Trains as “lacking vision” and being unable to satisfy rising demand.

Cross Country claim that they will be “improving the experience for 250,000 passengers”.  However, they will be reducing services and making them less attractive for customers.  The proposals include:


Ian Jenkins from Campaign for Rail stated the proposals were “a poor show by Cross Country”.  He added:

“The way both Cross Country and the Department for Transport Rail Group in London (who specify the franchise) have gone about this is wrong.  Rather than seeking to provide additional capacity to meet growth they are attempting to stick to the resources available.  In the long run it will mean overcrowded trains and dissatisfied passengers, especially as fares go up.  It is the same sort of trick British Rail used to try, to stifle demand rather than cater for it.

“Also, Arriva own both Cross Country and Chiltern.  The difference in attitude between the two is striking.  Chiltern have obtained additional carriages and have run extra trains to cater for growth.  Cross Country seems to have no wish to expand its business.  There is no entrepreneurial flair.

“The timetable proposals are frankly not good enough and need to be revisited.  But Cross Country is the backbone of the UK passenger rail network, so in addition a long-term strategy needs to be developed for this vital franchise.”

3 January 2017